Submissions Due: June 30

A global online hackathon where students are pushed to create tech-based projects that will aim to solve issues, entertain, or do whatever the builder desires!


About Plathacks

Plathacks is an online high school hackathon for students to build and create whatever they want for exciting prizes. Build Whatever you desire and Happy Hacking!


1st place - 200$ Amazon Gift Card

2nd place - 100$ Amazon Gift Card

3rd place - 50$ Amazon Gift Card

Best Game - 4 HyperX Keyboards

Best UI - 75$ Amazon Gift Card

Best COVID-19 Hack - 75$ Amazon Gift Card


May 31 - June 29: Registration

High School Students can form teams of up to 4 students and will work together to build whatever they want

June 30: Write-up With Prototype due

Teams will submit written code as well as a write up about their product and a recorded demo. Please review the submission guidelines for more information

July 2: Winners Will be Announced

Winners will be announced and instructions on how to claim their prizes will be sent out to them

Submission Guidelines

Please read the following document and adhere to the instruction or your submission will not be entered.




Nothing! It's completely free!

All high school Students are eligible to attend!

You can build whatever you desire, but please follow the rules in the submission guideline document.

Feel free to email for any additional information.

Our Team

Ankit Lakkapragada

Ankit Lakkapragada

Co-Executive Director

Aayush Bandopadhyay

Aayush Bandopadhyay

Co-Executive Director

Sohum Tiwary

Sohum Tiwary

Vice Executive Director

Aadip Khanal

Aadip Khanal

Director of Marketing

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